06 December 2015

Give Gifts of Lasting Change

There's no denying that Christmas is a magical time of year! It tends to bring out joy, and the spirit of giving. There's not much better than watching a loved one open up a gift that you got them, and put so much thought into! Seeing their faces light up with excitement, it's the best, isn't it??

But there are so many other ways to give this season! Often times we forget about people outside of our friends & families, who's lives can be changed by small gifts and donations from complete strangers. There are people living in poverty, whose lives are forever changed by simple gifts like water, blankets, or a few library books.

Have you ever hard of CARE? Care is a global humanitarian organization that fights poverty by empowering girls and women. There are so many ways to shop through CARE. You can choose a cause that is meaningful to you, such as Agriculture, Education, Basic Needs, Women's Empowerment, Urgent Needs... etc. Or if you are following a budget, you can choose a price range and go from there. If you buy a gift through CARE.org, you will be providing relief to someone who desperately needs it.

If you have a couple of minutes, please watch this video. It will help you better understand the motivation behind CARE, and perhaps encourage you to browse the catalog to see if there is resonates with you. Something you might want to give to someone in need.

Here are just a few of the ideas that really stood out to me from the CARE catalog. You can give a full donation, half donation, or quarter donation:
  • Family kits for emergency survivors ($65). This will provide for a family of 6, and includes a tarp, floor mat, blanket & hygiene kits. 
  • Computer training for 14 village volunteers ($101).
  • Two chickens ($24).
  • A set of library books for a refugee camp ($30).
  • Cooking classes for two ($36).
  • Sewing Machine ($45).
  • Three school bags ($30).
  • Human powered water pump ($95).
  • Blackboard for a classroom ($40).
  • Bicycle for a community volunteer ($94).
  • 3 month supply of emergency drinking water ($30).
  • Midwife service for a month! ($324).
  • Monthly rent for a teacher at a boarding house ($190).
  • Two pairs of shoes ($30).
  • Two board games for a community center ($30).
  • 100 Ebola education posters ($55).
  • Food basket for a displaced family ($81).
*All images via CARE.

Those are just a few of the MANY ways that you can give back to people in need. Looking at this list, some of these things are so simple, yet so important! Things I wouldn't even think about, like gifting a couple of chickens, so that families in need can produce a healthy supply of eggs to eat. Or things like a pair of shoes, which we often take for granted. Or a water pump, so that people have an inexpensive and efficient way to produce drinking water.

Please, take a moment and check out CARE! Find a way to help families living in poverty. And take this opportunity to teach your children about humility, and how important it is to care about others. CARE has helped over 72 million people last year, in over 90 countries. But they need our help to continue this amazing cause. Please take a moment to read some of the personal stories on CARE.org. I promise, afterward, you will be inspired!

Lastly, when you buy a Gift of Lasting Change, you have the option to send a personalized e-card to your recipient! Or you can download & print to send a paper card. and because CARE is a non-profit, all gift purchases are tax deductible. 

Sounds like such a noble, honorable way to give gifts this holiday season, wouldn't you agree?