25 December 2015

Holiday's 2015

Whoa! Time has literally gotten away from me these past few weeks!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!! Thought I'd pop in real quick and say hello & give a quick update! :)

We have been in Idaho all week! We broke the road trip up into 2 days because it's such a long drive. Well, normally we just power through it in one day, but with the amount of snow the mountain passes have been getting, we just wanted to be on the safe side. And I'm glad we did, because we spent a total of 17 hours driving. Yikes. That is a LONG time to be in on the road. But it was worth it. This is the first Christmas we've spent with Philip's side of the family. The boys were so excited to see all of the Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. And it was so fun for the kiddos to wake up Christmas morning with Grandma & Grandpa Chiappini!

And also, since we always make our trip to Idaho in the Summertime, it was fun to be greeted by snow as soon as we got into town!! And it snowed quite a bit while we were here, too, so we got plenty of use out of our snow gear!! We built a snowman named "Fred", went sledding, and even got to ride the tractor around in the snow. Seriously so much fun was had.

We're leaving tomorrow, and as always, I'm part sad & part ready to go. We'll all miss everyone so much, but least we have the memories! :)

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Until next time, Idaho!!