02 December 2015

Picking Out Our Perfect Tree

We've always gone to those small-ish tree lots and purchased pre-cut trees in the past. It's always just been easy and quick. And I've actually thrown around the idea of just getting an artifical, pre-lit tree. Cause, man, that would be so much easier! But now that the kids are getting older, and really getting into the magic of the Holiday's, I just can't do it. And in fact, I thought it would be more fun to go to a tree farm and pick out & cut our own tree!

I'm so glad we did, because the kids had a blast wandering around the farm, checkout out the different styles. Bennett was drawn to the huge 10'+ trees, of course. But we were looking for something a little smaller. ;-)

This particular tree farm had hot cider ready & waiting, fun little photo opp areas, and a train ride for the kiddos. They thought it was all pretty awesome. I love having these experiences with the kids! I think we'll make this a tradition from here on out!

And this was the winner!! I generally prefer the fuller, lush noble fir's. But for some reason, Philip and I were both really drawn to this sparse 6 footer. It's like it was calling to us ;-) Plus, I like that there are fewer branches, it's easier to put lights & ornaments on.

Where do you get your tree from? Do you have an artificial? Or cut your own?


Andie Zimmerman said...

We've had artificial from the start. I recently bought a 9ft pre-lit pencil tree and LOVE it. It works great in our great room, and less time consuming (we had a HUGE tree before this one). Glad you guys had fun!!

Kate Unger said...

We always cut down our own tree when I was growing up, and I've been wanting to do that ever since I moved to WI, but I can't find a place that isn't way up north. We've been doing the tree lot route for the last 12 years. It's just not the same.

Tania T said...

First of all..wow your children how much they grow up!What a beautiful photos!Well, we have an artificial tree cause here in Greece your are not allowed to cut trees.We do have some days of the year that you have the permition to do it but most of as we don't do it because of ecological culture.But I like the fresh smell so much..that's why I take pinewood air freshener for my home!xoxo merry xmas guys!