11 January 2016

2015 Instagram Book Has Arrived!

You know how I know this past year just flew by?? Because a few weeks ago I made my 2015 Instagram book. I make one every year in December as a way to sort of sum up all of the fun memories and things we did that year! This is my forth year making my instagram book through Artifact Uprising, and as always, I LOVE it!

I'm actually pretty good about updating the pictures I have up on the walls in the house. But there are so many more memories I like to relive throughout the years, and sadly, there just isn't enough room on the walls to put them all in frames ;-) But these books are such a great way to put all of our experiences from the previous year into once place. The kids love flipping through the pages and pointing out all of the things they remember doing. I keep them in the living room so that we can get to them easily and frequently.

I've mentioned this before, but these books are super easy to make! You can import straight from instagram, or you can upload from your computer. Whatever is easiest! You can also just set it to autofill the pages if you don't have the time to organize the pictures & layouts yourself.

I always organize the book as a timeline. First page starts in January, and as you flip through, you go through all the seasons chronologically. I also organize by event & experiences, so that it sort of tells a story as you look through the book. I love technology, and how easy it makes it for me to preserve our memories.

I highly encourage you to check out Artifact Uprising, and make a book of your own! If not them, there are many other sites you can use to make photo books. Because BTW, this is not a sponsored post. I just really like the ease of use of Artifact Uprising's website, and the quality of the books are great, too! :-)