05 February 2016

And That's A Wrap For Our 2016 California Trip!

Oh, hi there! Anyone still out there? I feel like Instagram and Facebook have really started taking the place of blogging for me. Truth is, those platforms are just too easy and convenient, so they're they ones I update most often.

But because I refuse to give up on this old blog of mine, here I am! We actually just recently got home from a trip to California! Bennett's birthday was on January 26th. He turned Six. SIX YEARS OLD.  Waaaa waaa waaaa. Okay there, I got all my whining out now. As a parent, it's always hard to accept how quickly out kids grow up. You know?

Well anyway, we were in California over his birthday! It was ab absolute blast! As soon as we got to my SIL's house, she had a dinosaur themed party all set up for Bennett. It was so stinking cute!

Adorable, right?? Bennett loved all of the dino decos, and the personalized cake & cookies (which, my SIL made herself! She's so talented!). My kids always feel right at home when we visit their cousins in CA, but I think they're favorite part is playing in the hot tub. Or -- the "hot pool" according to Easton. And it's a perfectly accurate description, actually, because they bring floaties in and basically treat it like it's a full blown pool. lol

See, basically a pool. The boys could have literally spent our entire vacation splashing around the water. Can't say I blame them.

We also took a day and hung out at Laguna Beach. And it was all going great until Easton fell while running away from a wave and got super wet basically all the way up to his back. Whoops.

And of course, we couldn't visit our family in SoCal, without taking a trip to some of the theme parks! We do have to make sure we aren't pushing the kiddos to hard, the parks can be overwhelming. And with Bennett's Autism, he can get overstimulated, which can lead to a meltdown. But we make sure to take it really easy, and try to keep it mellow. We never make force him to do anything he doesn't want to do, and take breaks when we need to. And he does fantastic!! I'm always so proud and impressed by him.

First, we visited SeaWorld. The boys really are obsessed with marine life, and everything that goes with it. So this was perfect! They love whales, and sharks, and dolphins, and were pretty blown away that we got to see some in person! And of course, they thought it was pretty rad that they could actually touch little sharks. And feed the rays.

We also got to see the Shamu show! And the weather was amazing, couldn't have asked for a better day to spend outside with the sea animals.

We spend Bennett's actual birthday at Disney's California Adventure, it was such a special day. But honestly, this post is getting long and super picture heavy, so I think I'll save his birthday at Disney for another post ;-)


The girls said...

I understand how easy it is to stick with the other platforms. That said, I'm really glad you're not giving up on this blog. I find you to be extremely relatable, real, and inspirational. Don't quit, please! :) I love your blog.

If Southern California wasn't so expensive, I'm sure we'd all live there. I envy their perfect weather!

Catherine said...

Beautiful pictures! I live in Northern California and I haven't been to SeaWorld in forever. And I love the dinosaur themed birthday :)

Andie Zimmerman said...

Love these! By the way, I love your editing! What actions do you use and from where?

www.thelalalandadventures.blogspot.com (used to be Babe in Boyland)