23 February 2016

We All Have a Little Superhero Inside Of Us

I think a lot of times, I tend to think I'm pretty ordinary. I'm average at everything, and don't necessarily stick out in a crowd. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, it just is. However, when I look at my kids, I see the things that make them extraordinary. All of the quirks, and the random silly mannerisms, are what make them unique and special! I watch them learn & progress, and I see them doing great things, and being amazing people.

My job as a Mother, is to help my kids to recognize their strengths, and show them how to use their use the things they struggle with to help them grow. And I think one of the best ways to show teach them that, is to lead by example. I've been wondering why, though, can I see all of the potential in my kids, but not as much in myself? That's something I've been working on over the past year or so, and I've come a long way, actually. But in the meantime, I've really been thinking about ways to help them to love themselves.

Sometimes what it comes down to, is finding things they can relate to. Something simple like Super Heroes! Every little boy loves a good super hero, there is something magical about them. Will my boys ever be able to do the things that Superman, or Batman do? Obviously no. But that won't stop me from helping them to see that we all have a little super hero living inside all of us.

We all have different talents, different ways that we help to contribute to our families & our community. Every person has traits that others admire, which in my opinion, makes us all super heroes!

For instance, Bennett has an innocence, and a purity about him that is so amazing. He also has a smile that can light up the entire room!

And Easton? He's such a goof. He has the ability to make people laugh & feel silly whenever he's around. And he also goes out of his way to tell me he loves me, which makes me feel so special.

So with that in mind, why not start the day with some super fun super hero cereal and get the conversation started?? General Mills just released Superman™ Caramel Crunch and Batman™ Chocolate Strawberry cereals. The boys have always been fans! Bennett is more of a batman fan, and Easton tends to prefer Superman. But upon first sight, Easton wanted the Batman™ Chocolate Strawberry, and Bennett chose to munch on the Superman™ Caramel Crunch and Batman™! :-)

They basically tore into the boxes immediately, but I can't say I blame them, they are delicious. And come on, what kid wouldn't want to fuel up on a super hero breakfast?

A little info about these cereals:
  • No artificial flavors
  • Only 9 grams of sugar per serving
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • Good source of Calcium & Vitamin D
  • 12g of whole grain per serving
My kids gobble it down quickly, as I expected. Funny thing is that they never used to eat cereal, but now they love it! And truly, it really starts the day off right when they get to put a Batman (or Superman) cape on in the morning and eat a fun breakfast! Like I mentioned before, these cereals open up some really fun, but also meaningful conversations. 

Grab your own boxes of General Mills Superman™ Caramel Crunch and Batman™ Chocolate Strawberry cereals now! And pssst, here's a $1 coupon for you here

What are some ways that you recognize the super hero within yourself? Or your kids?