31 March 2016

Easton turned FOUR!

Easton turned Four yesterday, March 30th! Typing the title of this blog post is kind of ridiculous. FOUR? It's stunning to feel like I was just in the hospital, welcoming my 2nd son into our family. And now here we are, 4 years later. Really. I mean, one day, I will actually believe how quickly the years go by, right?? ;-)

Easton is much different than I expected he would be at 4 Years Old. Don't get me wrong, that's not a bad thing at all. He was a very very mellow, laid-back baby, go-with-the-flow kind of baby (up until he was about 2). He was always what I call my "angel baby." And believe me, he still has angelic qualities ;-) But his overall character has evolved so much. He's witty, intelligent, and great at problem solving. He's also freakin' hysterical, he can make me laugh at the drop of a dime. So the reason why I say that 4 Year Old Easton is different that I was expecting, is because his personality now is very loud, and just sort of demands attention. Whereas, as a baby, he was just.... chill. You'd hardly ever know he was in the room, because he was so independent and pretty quiet.

But I wouldn't have it any other way, he's exactly who he's meant to be. He keeps us fresh, and keeps us laughing. And he's can be so stinkin' sweet when he wants to be, with lots of unprompted hugs & "I Love You's!" He melts my heart on the daily.

He was literally the perfect addition to our family. He adds spunk, silliness, sweetness, and so much love. And...he's the best friend & brother to Bennett, too. Those two are so awesome to watch together. Easton is very patient with Bennett, and anytime he's asked, he will say that Bennett is his best friend. It brings tears to my eyes.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EASTON!! We are so grateful for you, and love you more every day!!

You gotta watch this video before you go. The bet part is at about 2:00. lol! 


Sarah | Nurse Loves Farmer said...

Loved his birthday interview, I do them every year with my kids too. Happy Birthday!

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