20 March 2016

Springtime Has Arrived

I have been waiting forever, 6 months exactly, for Spring to arrive. And while it's still somewhat rainy here in the Pacific Northwest, Spring means that Summer is right around the corner! We have been lucky enough to enjoy a few really nice days of sun so far, and the kids just eat it up. Everything just feels better, and more positive when the sun in shining. Yes? 

So many other fun things happen this season. For one thing, Easton's Birthday is in just a little over a week, but I'm not going to get into that just yet or I might start crying. ;) And also, Easter! Easter Sunday is coming up, and I'm just getting started on their baskets! I'm thinking some fun stuff for Summer (bubbles, squirt guns, swim suits...etc). I'll also throw in some hot wheels, pez dispensers, and of course, some candy. As far as Easter traditions, we generally attend church, set up a small Easter egg hunt for the kiddos, and this year, hopefully we'll get a nice dinner planned!

Also this Spring? Mother's Day & my Birthday! Yahoo! I deserve a little celebration, too, I think ;-)

Okay so back to the kiddos. The other day, we woke up to the beautiful sunshine, and I decided it was a perfect day to capture a few new shots of the kiddos for our walls. I try to update our pictures every 6 months, because I wear, they grow faster than the average human child. lol. Anyway, I try to make it a fun experience for them when we do a photo shoot. So this included a fun walk in the sun down a local train by our house. And along the way, we always find fun games to play and things to do! We ended our walk with some playtime at the park with some friends.

I just love the way these shots turned out! I can't wait to get them printed and display them in my house for the Spring & Summer.

One of my favorite things as a Photographer (and Mother, of course), is the outfits. I really enjoy finding the perfect ensemble for pictures. I like to find something that will stick out from the background, and that will also match the season. I think these two look pretty dapper in their Gymboree outfits!! I love that they coordinate, but don't necessarily "match". Except for their shoes, matching shoes are adorable. Plus, they're the perfect Easter outfits! Wouldn't you say? ;-)

Now onto Easter and all of the other awesome things coming up this season! What are some of your favorite Easter/Springtime traditions?? And what are your One Big Happy Dress Up Moments?

And be sure to head on over to Gymboree to outfit your kiddos in some awesome Spring & Summer styles!

*Thank you Gymboree for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.


Klauss Kinkle said...

Cool! Kids are beautiful! Youngest like you :) Be healthy!

Liv bySurprise said...

They do look so cute - and quite the charaters too!

Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

We are huge fans of Gymboree! I love getting "matching" outfits for our kids. Your boys are darling! Love that plaid!

Sarah Coggins said...

What cute outfits! Loving the plaid. And good reminder - I need to get out my daughter's dress & iron it for our bunny photos on Thursday. Easter is coming much too soon for me this year.