05 May 2016

Laundry Can Wait.

Remember the days when someone, a friend, neighbor, whoever -- would stop by unannounced? And you'd invite them in and chat & visit. Or okay, maybe "unannounced" is reaching a little. Perhaps, more like, they would call text and tell you they are in the area, and want to stop by for a bit to catch up or whatever! No? Doesn't happen to you?

I'll tell you why, it's because there is no time for it. Society has become all about filling our schedules, never saying "No" to anything. We're multi-tasking, and staying so busy that we're all running around like headless chickens. It's almost like if we aren't super busy all of the time, what on earth do we do with ourselves? I feel like this is a problem, and not just a little problem, I think it's a big problem.

Do you ever have those friends that you invite to every single event, playdate, girls night... etc. And literally, every single time, the answer is "Wish I could make it, I just have so much going on!" or "Oh man, things have just been so crazy busy lately, I'll try and make it next time!" I mean, man at this point, I'm starting to wonder if they just don't want to hang out with me. ;-) But the truth is, they probably really are that busy. And if this is the case....

Slow Down. Everyone, we need to slow down.

There is no reason why we should be so busy, that we don't have time for anything out of the "norm." And not only that, we need to actually make room in our busy lives for spontaneity. Sounds silly to set aside time to be spontaneous, but that's the point we've come to. For example: being able to just text a friend and say "Hey, what are you doing right now, wanna get lunch?" and then actually have them say "Sure, let's go" -- is pretty freaking awesome. It's rare, but it's awesome what that happens.

And you know what, as soon as we do have a spare minute, we're all driving ourselves crazy trying to "get stuff done." Listen, I know we're adults with responsibilities. But I am here to tell you that the laundry, is not a priority. I know, I'm talking crazy talk right now. But something I have come to realize, is that while I love to have a clean house and I do my best to keep it (at least the downstairs) picked up and tidy -- CHORES CAN WAIT. They really can. Next time someone randomly asks you to come to an event, or invites you to dinner, do not respond with "I really should get home, I have so much do, I have like 5 loads of laundry to put away." Really? I get it, you are trying to be productive. But in the grand scheme of things, the housework is not the priority. People, experiences, family, they are the priority.

This mentality of staying busy, working all of the time, and leaving no time for anything else, what is life even? Life is passing us all by while we're caught up in air-tight schedules and feeling the need to be oh-so-productive all of the time. And then feeling guilty if we don't get to everything on our to-do list.

So my challenge? Find a balance. Tend to your schedule, but leave yourself some down time. Let yourself off the hook if you decide you want to go sunbath instead of finishing the dishes. Don't beat yourself up if you decide you want to go to lunch with a friend, and put off grocery shopping a little longer. It really is OK.

Slow down. Learn to say "No" when you have too much on your plate. Bring a little spontaneity back into your life. And for the love, laundry can wait.


Lauren @ 34 Magnolia Street said...

AMEN. I feel like every time a friend spontaneously asks me to do something, a little piece of my heart dies when I have to say no because I've overcommitted myself to other STUFF that really doesn't matter. I needed this reminder that it's OKAY to say no so that we can say yes to better things!!

Leah D said...

I love this and totally agree!!

Jill said...

THIS is why we moved to Kauai. This is something I think about a lot and been practicing for a few years now. I'm the person who randomly shows up at my friends house because I'm running errands and have a few extra minutes and the universe says, "stop by so-and-so's house" and every time I do, it's worth every minute. Relationships are the priority... you've got that right!!!