16 May 2016

Sprucing Up The Boys Room With Fathead Wall Decals #peelstickdone

It probably doesn't come as a surprise, but I love to decorate. I am by no means at a professional status, but I really enjoy designing rooms and seeing my ideas come to life.

With that in mind, I decided to kinda of spruce up the boys room! Or rather, finish decorating the kids room. Ever since we combined their rooms last year, I've left the wall spaces almost blank. I didn't know which direction to take the decor, and wasn't sure what the boys would like long term. Because kids, they change their obsessions frequently, yes? I wanted to put things on the wall that would be kid-ish, but not childish. Does that make sense?

We were introduced to Fathead wall decals, and I knew instantly this is exactly the kind of thing we needed to complete the boys room! They have such a wide array of options, it was very hard to narrow down. We filled our shopping cart with all sorts of cool decals & let the kids in on the action. They were instantly drawn to all of the sea creatures. Which totally makes since, since the kids and I love the beach & the ocean. They are obsessed with marine life.

And SHARKS. Sharks was the first thing they asked for. So... sharks definitely had to make the cut. We also found a really awesome sheet with assorted tropical fish, sea turtles, sting rays... etc.

When the Fathead decals arrived, the Reef shark sheet also came with a few other fun decals! The kids are going to save the others and take them to the beach house to put in the walls in their room there!

The application process is pretty simple, but I do recommend following all of the instructions.
  • The Fathead decals are delivered rolled up nicely in a canister. But they need to lay out flat for a bit before trying to apply. So find a flat surface and spread it out for an hour or so.
  • Measure and make sure you have enough room!
  • Clean your walls making sure you have a warm, damp washcloth to wipe down the surface. Avoid using soaps or cleaners.
  • Ask for help if you need it! Some of these decals are quite large, and can take two people to get them on the wall.
  • STICK IT! Apply to wall, then use the squeegee to smooth out any wrinkles or air bubbles. Start from the middle and work your way to the edges.

The decals went up fairly quickly and easily, and I'm so pleased with how everything turned out! We let the kids choose some of the various tropical fish and stick them around their room. They had a really good time deciding which creatures they wanted to put up, and where to put them. I feel like these fun sea creatures were just what their room needed to complete it! And the kids are so excited about it! What do you think??

Fathead has such a wide variety of options! They have so many different themes to choose from. Sports teams, movies & entertainment, animals, decorative accents, music & dance, video games, vinyl lettering, personalized monograms, and so much more. There is something for everyone. So if your walls need a little bit more flavor, I highly recommend hopping over to Fathead and check out some of their wall decals.