02 July 2016

Lake Chelan 2016

Wow!! It's been a while! I'm finding that it's getting harder and harder to get the motivation to blog, especially in the Summer. You know what I mean? But at the end of the day, this blog is more about my family and our memories, than anything else. So I am still going to try my hardest to update with things that I want to catalog away for later.

And our yearly trips to Lake Chelan are one of those things!! We got back from Chelan a few days ago, and seriously, it was the best trip yet!! This is the 3rd year in a row we've been there with our good family friends, and I don't see stopping this tradition any time soon. (2014 trip, 2015 trip) :) Usually we stay in a condo in this resort, but decided this year to rent a house. It was SUCH a great decision. We had more room to spread out, a decent sized yard, and of course, a beautiful view of the lake. Couldn't ask for more.

This year, we planned our trip around Philip's cycling event, the Chelan Century Challenge. The century challenge is a 105 mile bike ride that weaves in & out of the mountains surrounding Lake Chelan. It's a brutal ride with tons of intense climbs, but Philip did fantastic! And it was so fun for the boys to see their Dad involved in this event. I am so glad that they have such a great example of determination, strength, and accomplishment.

We spent most of our time in & out of the pool, taking walks along the river, hanging at the beach, paddle boarding, tie-dying shirts, and we also went to Slide Waters water park!!... which I think was my favorite part about the trip! The kids are getting to such a great age, where they can do almost everything now, and keep up for the entire day. It's so nice.
Quinley (3), Bennett (6), Dane (6), Kepler (1), Easton (4)
How cute are these tie-dye'd shirts!!!?? We made them at the beginning of the trip and the kids just loved how they turned out, and they thought it was super fun to wear them all on the same day. Such a cute idea, and we owe it all to my Husband. He was the one who thought to do it, nice job babe! :)

If you're in the PNW area, I highly highly suggest taking a trip to Lake Chelan! It's so gorgeous. The water is so blue and clear, and it's completely surrounded by mountains. A perfectly peaceful landscape, and it's very family friendly. And trust me, this is not sponsored ;-) I just LOVE this place.

Until next year, Chelan!! I can't wait!


The Girl who Loved to Write said...

They're so cute in those tie-dye shirts!