18 August 2016

Little Boy In A Pink Cast

Ohhhh heyyyy! So I guess my blog is sort of going back to the basics. Almost like when I first started blogging and mostly used it as a way to document important milestones. Summer has been busy and has left little time to sit in front of the computer. That is, until my littlest reached a brand new milestone.

He broke his leg.

So, our Summer has come to a screeching halt. The other day, Easton was on his scooter and Bennett was riding his bike, and they two of them were paying no attention whatsoever and just collided right into each other. It was one of those moments where you see it coming, but can't do much to stop it. Ugh. Well Bennett's wheel slammed right into Easton's leg, right under the knee. Easton immediately collapsed and started screaming bloody murder. He couldn't put any weight or pressure on his leg, so I took him to the urgent care where they confirmed that he definitely had a fracture in his knee. We weren't sure of the severity, so they splinted him up and referred us to the Orthopedic doctor.

I was hoping the Ortho would tell us it wasn't a big deal and he would get away with a brace and taking it easy on that leg for a little bit. We had our appointment yesterday, and she told us that the fracture was right on the growth plate, and he would need a full leg cast for a minimum of 3 weeks to make sure he didn't do any more damage to the knee. Ugh, definitely not the news we wanted with only a few short weeks left of Summer. But, obviously, we want to make sure that Easton is taken care of and heals properly.

He took the news pretty well, actually. And did very well during the cast application. The technician gave him lots of color choices, and naturally, he chose pink. Which he always will admit is his very favorite color. lol. I love that about him. I think he kinda rocks the pink. Don't you?

The good news is, he seems to be in good spirits and handling the cast very well! And thankfully I kept our stroller (I have no idea why? Intuition, maybe?), so we are still able to get out and about. And honestly, I think he likes it, being strolled around like a little King. He's totally milking it. lol. I actually feel worse for Bennett, because now he's going to be a little more cooped up, and he hates being cooped up.

Our next appointment is in a week to see how the fracture is healing, hoping for good news! Keep us in your thoughts :)

Also, I think Easton just earned a new childhood badge or something with this cast, didn't he? Dude, you've leveled up.


Amber Gregory said...

Poor kid! He definitely got his "merit badge" of childhood! And he definitely is rocking that cast. I'm glad he's taking it well!!!

Amanda M. said...

I felt that way three years ago when my little guy got his first concussion. And also, my 21 year old got his very first stitches last night, so.... I think he qualifies for an Adult Badge of some sort as well! :) Hope your little guy heals quickly. :)