23 August 2016

Recipe - Wrapped Meatballs With Marinara + A giveaway to ITALY!

Listen, my kids are picky eaters. Yes, both of them. Yay! (Do you sense the sarcasm?) ;-) They have their "things" they eat, and don't usually veer too far from them. It's always a challenge to try and find new things that they will like, I mean, I gotta try sometimes. Sometimes I have to get creative with what I make by making it fun or more "kid friendly."

I present to you an easy, fast & fun recipe the kids will love: Wrapped meatballs with marinara dipping sauce.

I figured "Hey, maybe I can get them to try meatballs if I wrap them up and give them something to dip them in??" Bingo! I think I'm onto something.

Best part about this, is that it is seriously so easy to make, the kids can help! So here are your ingredients and recipe.

  • 1 jar of Mezzetta® Marinara
    (there are SO many flavorful options, but for this recipe, I chose Whole Garlic & Sweet Basil)
  • 8 oz. refrigerated crescent dough 
  • 1 package of frozen cooked meatballs, thawed ( 16-24 meatballs)
  1. Thaw meatballs according to package instructions.
  2.  Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  3. Unroll your crescent dough on a flat surface. Separate each piece (there should be 8 pieces), and cut each one in half. If you want less breading, cut each piece into thirds.
  4. Place a meatball into each triangle and roll up.
  5. Bake on a baking sheet for 12-15 minutes, or as instructed on the package of the dough.
  6. Serve with a bowl of warm Mezzetta Whole Garlic & Sweet Basil Marinara Sauce.

My Four Year Old LOVED this recipe, he gobbled up probably 6 or 7 of these bad boys. He told me he LOVED the sauce so much, which makes me happy to hear. Mezzetta® Marinara is fresh and uses the finest ingredients. It's real, all natural, with no sugar and no paste. They also have a yummy pizza sauce, which is next on my list of their sauces to try, because PIZZA. :)

He is such a cheeseball.

Okay so what do you think? Would your kids enjoy this recipe?

But before you go, I have something amazing for you! Mezzetta is currently giving away an 11 day trip to Italy. WHAT?!

Grand Prize includes:
  • Roundtrip coach airfare for 2.
  • 11 day guided tour of iconic Italy
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