15 August 2017


Wow. Hey guys!

Remember when I used to blog??? My goodness it has been a while. I opened up the "new blog post" tab, and this blank screen popped up, and honestly, I have no idea what I'm here to say. Some part of me was just curious what would happen when I started typing. Truth is, blogging used to be such an outlet for me. A place to put down my thoughts, a place to document the failures & the victories. My blog provided a space that allowed me to be creative, and to network and meet so many amazing people... some of which I still call my good friends. I guess I missed it. I miss you all. Is anyone still out there??!?

I don't even know where to start, or if me coming to write here will even happen again. I just felt this urge, and I followed it.

My boys are 5 & 7 now. They are starting kindergarten and 2nd grade in a few short weeks. You guys, KINDERGARTEN. My baby is going into kindergarten. It honestly blows my mind, like, when did I become a Mom of big-ish kids?? It's so strange. But I have to say, I'm loving it. (maybe more on this later??) ;)

Philip and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. Makes me feel kinda old, lol. But man, TEN years, so awesome!! I look forward to the future, and seeing what it has in store for us. 

I guess this is turning into a little recap post of the past year. So while I'm at it, I have been hitting the gym hard lately. I have some pretty big fitness goals. Not much to do with weight loss or anything, but more about getting toned and strong. As some of you may know, I have been a Rizzmic instructor for 3 years, and I love it to death. But I felt like it was time to add something else to my plate, something that would push me out of my comfort zone and help me to reach my goals. So, I went through the Les Mills BodyFlow training in March, and after a grueling certification process, I am finally a BodyFlow instructor. That has been the biggest thing for me in the past year. It challenged me in ways I never imagined, and I came out the other side so much stronger.

We took the kids on their first camping trip, and it went pretty good. It's such a fun past-time for me, and I hope it can be for them as well. This Summer has just been incredible. We've spent every single second possible outside, enjoying our time together. I definitely don't take the Summer months here in the PNW for granted. I am not one of those people that wishes Summer away. If I had it my way, we'd have an extended Summer, and a much shorter school year :) One can wish.

Speaking of Summer, I better get off my butt and get outside! You know me, I can't leave a post without a picture. So... here's a recent one of the 4 of us. And who knows, maybe I'll be back soon!


Andie Zimmerman said...

Wow, welcome back (for however long)! Sounds like you guys had a lot of great moments!!!

Heather O'Leary said...

Welcome back!

Tania Tsiligiri said...

HEYYYY!still here..always here!i'm a fan!it's good to have u back.i follow u at twitter but it's not the same!hope to post soon!

Amber Gregory said...

I'm here! I'd hoped you would come by and write here eventually!!!!! :)

The girls said...

Welcome back(ish)! I periodically check back to see if you've returned. I still follow you on IG, but it's not the same without your writing like here.