UPDATE: I'm sorry, I am not selling ad space at this time.

Thank you for your interest in advertising with A Sorta Fairytale! My blog is a lifestyle blog and is family oriented, consisting of topics ranging from parenting to photography. With the occasional DIY project, recipes and fashion posts! I try to keep this blog as fresh and unique as possible!

Advertising here would be a great way to gain exposure & visibility! Whether you have a cute little shop or you'd just like to drive traffic to your website or blog -- I can help you do that! I use my various social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest to share your content and help get your brand out there! I try very hard to get to know my sponsors personally and create true friendships!

Blog posts per week: Between 3-5
Average Monthly Page Views: 40,000-50,000+
GFC: 2630 +
Blog Lovin':2329+
Facebook Fans: 4020+
Twitter: 3150+
Instagram: 2950+
Pinterest: 2965+


"I don't know if I've told you this before, but you truly are one of my favorite people to sponsor.  I feel like you are reading my content and connecting with it, and that you would read my blog even if I wasn't sponsoring you.  That's what I look for.  You do a great job of staying connected despite any craziness happening in your own life, and I definitely get my money's worth with you.  Just wanted you to know! :)"
-Jess at Being Mrs Beer

"When I decided to sponsor Mandy, I had certain preconceived notions of what I would receive based on my experiences with other bloggers. I can very easily say that Mandy has blown every other blogger out of the water with her promotion of my blog. Within minutes of accepting my ad, she was tweeting about me, and every promotion, whether on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter has been original and organic. Mandy took the time to view my content, comment on my work and share liberally during peak traffic hours, with me almost never having to ask for love for a specific post. I would sponsor her again and again, because she is definitely worth it." 
-Karly at Three in Three

"A Sorta Fairytale was the first blog I sponsored and I am so glad I made the decision to sit on Mandy's sidebar! She is so kind and truly a great "bloggy buddy". She did an excellent job at promoting me and I really felt like she was engaged in my writing, and as a newer blogger, that was very important to me! I had many new readers from her as well. I enjoyed my time with her so much, I renewed my sponsorship for a second go-around! If you are looking for a blog to sponsor that will really make you feel like you are a priority and not just a random button on a side-bar, then you are in the right place. I love working with Mandy and am looking forward to spending more time here!"
- Michelle at Our Three Peas

"Sponsoring Mandy was one of the best decisions I've made {and continue to make} for my blog! She honestly does the best she can to promote her sponsors and is always so accommodating when I have something extra I'd like her to share. On top of that, Mandy makes sponsorship a personal experience and gets to know her readers. She's been a favorite of mine since I found her blog and I know she'll continue to be!"
-Kenzie at Life According to Kenz 

"So, you have been AMAZING. You have been the only blog I've sponsored who has been so intentional about giving shout outs. I'm very, very pleased, plus I just love your blog in general!"
-Rebecca at Beauty in your Eyes

"Sponsoring Mandy's blog was one of the best decisions I could have made for my blog. Not only is she super friendly, professional and great about promoting your blog via twitter & facebook, but I saw a true increase in pageviews from her blog! I'd absolutely recommend sponsoring with Mandy and plan to do so again in the near future, often."
- Alyson at Vintage Sunshine

"I have never seen more traffic then I do from Mandy's blog! She works hard for her sponsors and it shows. Her content is relate-able and delightful and there isn't anywhere I would rather advertise!" 
-Melissa at While it Rains

"Hi Mandy! I just wanted to say that so far I'm really pleased with your support and being on your sidebar. I've been on two others and I'm not nearly as happy as I have been with you. You actually deliver on what you promise and you don't seem to "favor" any one blog. I'm also really enjoying reading your blog and following you on Instagram. Thank you for being "real" in a cyber world. It's appreciated!"
- Deanna at From Casinos to Castles

I am definitely open to write a review for you or host a giveaway. However I am selective in the ones I participate in. I would prefer to endorse products and services that I feel will appeal to my readers.

The tiny print:
  • Advertising rates are subject to change as blog readership increases.
  • All payments are processed through Passionfruit ads (please use the links above).
  • Ads will be sent to me for approval and will go live thereafter. 
  • Your ad will be live for 30 days. If the ad spot you purchase is currently booked, you will be placed into the queue and your ad will go live as soon as the spot becomes available.
  • Static ads only please, no flash. 
  • I reserve the right to decline the sale of ad space if it does not fit with the overall theme of my blog.
  • I may decline to do a product review if I do not feel it will appeal to my general audience (likewise for giveaways)