30 March 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday, Easton!

OH MY GOSH MY BABY IS THREE YEARS OLD! What is this madness? Okay if I'm being totally honest, Easton is totally acting like a 3 Year Old, and he looks like one, too. The child is enormous. So I feel like I shouldn't be so surprised that he is actually turning Three. But man, I've got two little kids now. Like, KIDS. No more toddlers. It's insane for me to think of myself without a baby, or a toddler.

Easton will be starting Preschool in the Fall, and ugh. Time, time is a big fat jerk. But on the other hand, how cool is it to watch your kids grow and learn? It's pretty amazing. So, there's that at least.

And OMG guys, look at this face. The tiny little smirk, the hands in the pockets, even his posture!!! He's turning into such a little boy.

I'll tell you what, this child is totally different than I expected him to be at this age. He was a very easy going, calm, go-with-the-flow kind of baby/toddler. But as he gets older, actually.... with every passing day, calm isn't exactly a word I would use to describe him anymore. ;-)

He's energetic, stubborn, sassy, opinionated and is getting more and more aggressive. But I think that goes along with being a little boy, yes? But he's also loving & super thoughtful. He has an amazing sense of humor, is ridiculously funny, and he's such smart little boy, who picks up on these so quickly.

Every year, around my kids birthday, I re-read their birth stories. So naturally, I've been feeling super sentimental lately. Easton's birth was such a whirlwind for me. Everything happened quickly (compared to Bennett's birth) and I hardly had time to process what was going on. At the time, I remember thinking "no no no! I'm not ready to have another baby right now!" And I actually tried to prolong the birth. lol. But, looking back, I realize that he came exactly when he needed to come, in exactly the way he did. Overall, Easton's labor & delivery was such a wonderful experience. I have absolutely no regrets or negative memories from it. He has been the perfect addition to our family.

So every year, for the boy's birthday's, I've started asking them a few little "interview" questions. It will be fun to see how their answers change as they get older! :-)

At Three Years Old, here are some of Easton's favorite things.

How old are you turning today? Three.
Favorite color? Blue
Favorite toy? Airplanes
Favorite food? Chicken nuggets
Favorite snack? Granola bar
Favorite drink? Chocolate milk
Favorite holiday? Halloween
Favorite TV show? Sofia The First
Favorite movie? The Ninja Turtle Movie
Favorite pajamas? Dino jammies
Favorite animal? Lion!
Favorite song? "Black Venom" - by Budos Band
Who is your best friend? Bennett
Favorite place to go? The airport
What do you want to be when you grow up? A dancer

I can't wait to see what Year 3 has in store for us!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EASTON!!! We love you SO much!!

23 March 2015

Time To Get Real

I'm not sure if it's been obvious, but the past few months, I've started to stray away from writing really personal things here on my blog. I'm not sure what the reason is, exactly. I'd like to say it's privacy issues, but I don't think that's it. But honestly, I do miss it. I miss putting my heart & my thoughts out there into the wide open space. There is something to liberating about being able to just say what I'm thinking, and what I'm feeling. Whether it's good, or horrible, and have complete strangers be able to relate to what I'm talking about. It makes those feelings of isolation so much less prevalent. You know?

So here goes an honest post, about the way some things have been around here lately.

I have been so caught up with mothering, work, and redecorating my house, and fitness, and my social life, and vacations, and, and, and.... you get the point. That I haven't talked much about the current struggles.

What am I struggling with right now? A LOT. Some of which are so personal that I don't feel comfortable or inclined to talk about them here. But others? Are the simple things. Like being a Mom. Well, there is nothing simple about being a Mother, so that wasn't a good way to put it.

My kids, they are amazing and I love them with every ounce of my heart & soul, but they are challenging me right now. I feel like we had a good, solid 4-5 months of just..... bliss. Where the boys were well-behaved and were getting along pretty well. I was thinking "Man, life is EASY right now, how lucky am I?" But, that ended abruptly a few months ago. Bennett, he's still struggling developmentally, and I feel like it's all coming to a head. Communication and comprehension is a major obstacle for us right now, and it's just.... it's very hard. I will get more into that in another post, because there is a lot to say about that.

And Easton?? He has been pretty much an angel ever since he was born. He was the easiest baby in the world, and just a dream throughout his One's and most of his Two's. But, he's almost Three, if that tells you anything about where this post his heading.

I've just been overwhelmed in the Motherhood department I guess. I feel like both of my kids have hit a wall with their ability to listen, follow any sort of direction, or get along -- like at all. Obviously, they are (almost) 3 and 5 Years Old, so I don't expect a ton as far as behavior. But I do know when things are extra tough, and now is one of those times. My sanity has been hanging on by a thread recently. I've been clinging to all of the aforementioned things (fitness, friends, vacations, decorating... etc), to keep myself from going absolutely crazy. I realize that this is just a season, and it too shall pass. But when you're in it, and you're trying to navigate through it, it's ridiculously exhausting. Plus, I've reached one of those points in parenting where I'm totally at a loss at how to discipline my children. They are both so different, and require almost totally opposite parenting styles. It's super confusing and hard to manage. I'll admit that especially the past few weeks, I've been yelling a lot more than I care to admit. Bleh.

Clearly, I was just in the mood to vent and be heard. So, I thank you for that. If any of you are still reading to this point. I know that in social media, it can come across that things are always peachy and perfect. But dude, they are not. They things legitimately hard right now and man, it feels good to get that all off my chest.


17 March 2015

March Stitch Fix - Transitioning To Spring

First of all, TWO posts in one day? What is going on around here?? ;-)

And second.... Mid-March?? Nope. I'm just in disbelief about that. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm super excited that Spring (and then Summer) is almost here. I LOVE warmer weather and being outside. But if we are already in Mid-March, that means that my littlest boy is turning 3 Years Old in a matter of weeks, which is ridiculous. But okay, that's a topic for another post I think. March also brings another Stitch Fix!!! Which, of course, is the actual reason for this post today.

A friend of mine told me a few days ago that I'm obsessed with Stitch Fix. Why yes, yes I am. I have honestly started cleaning out my closet, like, really cleaning it out. I am basically getting rid of everything I don't absolutely love. And what I realized, is that 3/4 of what's left in there, are pieces that Stitch Fix has sent me. That's no joke. So yes, I'm totally and completely obsessed with this service. Wanna know something crazy? Next month I will celebrate TWO years of Stitch Fixes. That's pretty intense, and amazing, isn't it? I love it.

Okay sorry, I will stop gushing. It's hard, though, because I really can't say enough good things about this company. So my stylist, Nicole, she really listened to the notes & feedback I gave and did a really great job picking out these pieces for me this month. I'm really really excited about this fix, as usual, though. :-)

Okay here we go!......

Item #1 -Arynn Tie-Back Chevron Print Tank 
Item #2  - Pinson Drape Cardigan 
Item #3 - Haiden Straight Leg Jean

I put all of these items on together because they make such a great outfit!! I realized, though, after I took these photos, that I totally forgot a full length shot of the jeans. Whoops. But they fit pretty well actually. A little loose around the knees, though. I'm going to try them on again and see what I think.

Let's talk about the top. I LOVE the colors. So fresh and Springy, wouldn't you agree??

And the cardigan? This is gold. It is so versatile and comfortable!! I'm FOR SURE keeping this, in fact I already took the tags off and am wearing it as I type this :-) I also love how feminine it is, as well as how perfectly it transitions to Spring and Summer.

Item #4 - Mendolan Pintuck Detailed Jersey Tank
This is fabulous. I always let me stylist know that I prefer things to fit me loosely. Personally, I don't like for fitting clothing, they always make me feel constricted and self-conscious.  So this top is definitely something I would pick up on the rack at a store. Keeping!!

Item # 5 - Kaelyn Laser Cut Two-Tone Reversible Tote
Again, they totally rocked it with the handbag!!! I have kept several they've sent me, are they are basically the only ones I ever use. This one is seriously cute. I love that it's reversible, which makes it super versatile. The only thing that is stopping me from getting this, is that I have one this size already, in basically the same color. But I do really love the detailing on this bag. I'll have to mull it over some more before making a final decision :)

So that's it for my March Stitch Fix!! What do you think??? I am extremely happy with this one and am already getting excited for next months!! I don't know how I would dress myself without this service. lol


California 2015!!

So hi guys! Remember how we went to California a couple of weeks ago?? I'm just now getting the chance to post about it!! We had such a great time!! The weather was a little chillier & a little more rainy than we expected it to be, but hey, we're from Seattle, so it's all good. ;-)

The kids always do really well with travel (for the most part). They really actually enjoy the whole experience of going to the airport, taking the shuttle, getting on the airplane... etc. They just think every part of it is so cool, which definitely makes it easier for us. We spent 5 days in Ladera Ranch with my SIL and her family, which is a little over an hour south of Los Angeles. Honestly, it felt like we were just there, and I guess we kinda were only a few months ago ;-). But it was so nice to be back down there again so soon. My boys love their cousins so much and have a blast with them.

We spent some time at the T Street Beach in San Clemente, where Easton ran around in his diaper because I forgot to bring his swim trunks. Whoops. We also visited some local parks, including Northwest Open Space, which was gorgeous!! We made homemade pizza's, did some grilling, and my SIL made the best homemade cinnamon rolls I've ever had in my life. My mouth is watering just thinking about them right now!

We also spent a lot of time in the spa, especially Easton really enjoyed just floating around in his little star tube, can't say that I blame him! Philip and I had a date night out to this fabulous Cajun restaurant, and the kids played dress-up (where Bennett may or may not have really enjoyed dressing up like a princess!)

We also spend a day at Disney's California Adventure!! (which I'll post about later!) :-)  

We just had such an amazing time on vacation to see family. I wish we didn't have to hop a plane to go see them, but hopefully we'll get another chance to go down and visit again soon!!