29 September 2014

Boys Fashion - Back to School w/#fabkids

It feels good to be reviving the Boys Fashion posts! I took a little break from it since the Summer was so hectic, but here we are! It's Fall and my oldest is in Pre-K! I've had a really fun time shopping for him this season! As much as I'll miss shorts & t-shirts, I am looking forward to denim, boots, warm sweaters and scarves! Oh and hot cocoa :-)
*Outfit c/o FabKids

If you haven't heard of FabKids, or haven't seen my previous posts about them, let me give you the run down on this awesome service.

FabKids is JustFab's newest fashion club, started by a team of parents, including mom and actress, Christina Applegate. FabKids makes it super easy & convenient for parents to shop because you get monthly selections of affordable, high-quality fashions that are personalized just for your kids.

You can order through their website at anytime with a regular membership, but the awesome VIP Memberships include tons of perks! Such as:
  • First outfit is $15 plus free shipping!
  • Save up to 50% off retail prices
  • Skip any month you want
  • Exclusive VIP pricing
  • Earn FabKids rewards points
  • Cancel anytime!
So now all you need to do is head over to the FabKids website and take a style profile quiz about your kiddo, so that they can get to know your child. And then based on those results, FabKids will give you outfit suggestions. You can buy an outfit, or not. Or just shop around the site. But I dare you not to buy something.

I am usually drawn to skinny jeans for Bennett, because he's so tall and slender, I feel like it just makes sense. However, I saw this pair of Stitch Pocket Denim on the website and I decided to give them a shot! I love this style a lot more than I thought!! I mean, it helps that Bennett can pretty much rock anything, though. Even his shirt says so. ;-) (okay that was a really bad line) lol.

Anyway, can't wait to show you some of his other back to school outfits! And be sure to check out FabKids, it really is such a fun way to shop for your kiddos!

25 September 2014

The Big Boy Bed Can Wait

(A letter to Easton, my 2 y/o)

I got home from my trip to Atlanta, and your Dad had moved the toddler bed into your room, right next to your crib. It was the first thing I noticed when I walked upstairs. I don't know why I did this, but that night, I asked you if you wanted to go to bed in your big boy bed. I was secretly hoping you would say no. But you didn't. You looked at me and said "Okay Mommy". You cuddled up with your favorite blankey and laid down with a smile on your face. I gave you a kiss and told you I loved you.

I turned around and walked out the door, after I closed it, I stood there and listened for a minute, just like I did when your brother made this transition. I was fully expecting to hear you hop out of bed and start rummaging around your room.

Nothing. Totally quiet. 

Twenty Minutes later, I came to check on you. You were still awake, laying there making cute noises and talking to yourself. Still.... a big smile on your face, as if to tell me that you were okay with this choice to sleep in your big boy bed. I sat on the edge of your bed and just looked at you. It's like you could tell that I was having a particularly hard time leaving your room this time because you reached up with your hand and started stroking my face gently, outlining my eyes, nose, chin, cheeks and forehead... repeating in a soft voice every time I named the facial feature you were pointing to. You grabbed my face with both hands and pulled me close into an eskimo kiss.

"Night Mommy", you said.

This was your way of telling me to go now, it was okay. You were okay. It hit me that you were completely fine, you are completely old enough, and mature enough to handle this transition. So why wasn't I?

"I love you sweetie", I said. And reluctantly, I turned around and left your room, for a second time.

For the next ninety minutes, I couldn't stop thinking about what a big boy you were. How smoothly this transition was going. How different this was from your Big Brother's experience with moving from his crib to his toddler bed. I was so proud of you, yet so NOT ready to be in this stage yet. 

As I wandered upstairs for bed, of course, I had to come in to check on you, for a third time. And there you were, fast asleep. I immediately felt tears well up. Why was I getting so emotional about this. It's silly really, right??

But I realized, that this transition, was about a lot more than you just giving up your crib. It was about yet another milestone you were reaching, that was bringing you closer to being a little boy, and less of a baby. And to be honest, that terrifies me. Obviously, I'm so proud and excited with every new thing you learn, and all the small (yet significant) milestones you reach. But this? This was forcing me to accept that this was one of the last pieces of your baby-hood I had left. And you were fine with leaving it behind. I wasn't ready. I'm not ready.

So I scooped you up out of your bed and held you in my arms. You woke up and looked at me, and I asked you "Easton, can I lay you back down in your crib?" to which you replied "Okay Mommy". I kissed you for the last time that night and laid you in your crib. You curled up and went right back to sleep.

Would you have been fine sleeping the entire night in your toddler bed? Absolutely. But you know what, I am just not ready for you to grow up in that way. I'm just not. It might be selfish of me to hold you back, it is selfish of me. But you, you are my baby. And you seem to be okay with that, too. 

The big boy bed can wait.

24 September 2014

A Casual Approach To Outfitting Yourself For A Blog Conference #typeacon

I have an admission. I'm not one to put a lot of thought into what I wear. I try to just stay somewhat fashionable, but also stay comfortable and dress for my personality. I am definitely not a fashion blogger, and truly, I don't even really know how to dress myself very well -- but I did get a lot of compliments on my outfits while I was at Type-A. And I wish I could take credit, but pretty much everything I wore to the conference was sent to me by my stylists at Stitch Fix. ;-)

I packed super light for this conference, I re-used pants and shoes, and kept the same bag the entire time. I love when I find pieces that can be versatile and still comfortable. So here's what I was wearing while I was attending the conference in Atlanta.

Conference Day 1: 
Pants: Target 
Shoes Target
Hobo Bag: Stitch Fix
Charm Bracelet: Tiffany's

Conference Day 2: 
Boyfriend Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Target
Hobo Bag: Stitch Fix
Charm Bracelet: Tiffany's

Conference Day 3: 
Top: Old Navy
Necklace: H&M
Pants: Target
Shoes: Target
Hobo Bag: Stitch Fix
Charm Bracelet: Tiffany's

Conference Day 4:
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Famous Footwear
Hobo Bag: Stitch Fix
Charm Bracelet: Tiffany's

Conference Day 4 (outfit #2):
Pants: H&M 
Bag: Stitch Fix
Charm Bracelet: Tiffany's

Easy peasy!!! I wore the same shoes almost every day, and the bag was absolutely perfect for a conference like this. Big enough to hold a notebook, my laptop (when I wanted it), and random miscellaneous swag I got!

What did you think of my outfits for the conference? Do you like to stay casual, or do you enjoy to get dressed up for events?

23 September 2014

Celebrate The Game-Changing Women In Your Life & Attend LUNAFEST

I recently learned about an amazing event called LUNAFEST, which is a traveling film festival by, for, and about women. It's hosted by LUNA Bar, and the idea behind the festival is to connect women, their stories, and their causes, all through film.

*Thank you to LUNA Bar for sponsoring today's discussion!
Everyone has those women in their lives. You know the ones I'm talking about, right? The ones that you can trust, the ones that are there for you through it all. The ones you idolize and admire. The ones that serve selflessly and inspire you to be better. And LUNAFEST has encouraged me to spend more time recognizing those game-changing women in my life. Because us women, we're pretty awesome, don't you think?? And this festival, and all of the causes it supports, is such a great way to get inspired.

I encourage you to check to see if there's a LUNAFEST in your area! I mean, what a great way to celebrate women, not to mention, support some great causes. LUNAFEST helps their hosts to raise money for non-profits in their own communities, as well as the main beneficiary, the Breast Cancer Fund. So basically, 100% of proceeds, go to charity. To date, over 100 filmmakers have been featured, and nearly 1.9 million dollars have been raised.

Some of the upcoming LUNAFESTS are being held in:
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Arbor Vitae, WI
  • Baton Rouge, LA
  • Washington, DC
  • New Hope, PA

    ...and so many more locations! Click here to find out if LUNAFEST is coming to your area! Wouldn't that make a wonderful ladies night out? Get yourself dressed up and go support this fantastic film festival!
And did you know you could even host a LUNAFEST event?? That's pretty cool, right? Before I go, I wanted give you a few more amazing stats about the awesome things LUNAFEST has done!
  • $1,715,000 raised for local causes
  • $757,000 raised for the Breast Cancer Fund
  • 25,000 expected to attend LUNAFEST's 2014-2015 season
  • 950 films submitted to to LUNAFEST each year! 
  • $2,500 awarded to each filmmaker selected to participate in LUNAFEST
  • 1094 women's nonprofit organizations have benefited from LUNAFEST
  • 85% of every dollar raised goes directly to the host's local charity of choice
  • 15% of every dollar raised goes to the Breast Cancer Fund
As a women, I can definitely get behind this festival! Can't you?? Connecting with fabulous women, talented filmmakers, and getting behind and supporting some wonderful causes. So grab some ladies and find a LUNAFEST in your area! :-)