28 October 2014

Work It Out with Boden's New Active & Yoga Collections

Since I spend so much time at the gym, active wear has become a staple part of my wardrobe. In fact, often times I will put on my gym clothes way before I need to go, just because it's so comfortable. Don't judge me, I'm sure you do it, too ;-)

*My outfit was provided c/o Boden, but my love for their new collection of Activewear is all my own!

I think I've kind of gotten into a groove with what I like to work out in. I tend to look for capri style pants, I don't like having my entire leg covered as much. I also look for comfortable material and functionality in the clothing.

I was recently introduced to Boden's new active and yoga collections! Lots of very fun patterns and colors in running pants, yoga pants, tank tops, sports bras, sweaters, and socks. They can pretty much outfit your every exercise need.  I admit, I get giddy when I find new exercise clothing that I like. It's like Christmas morning. I'm kind of feel like a girl can never have too much work out clothing. My Husband can attest, that my drawers are bursting at the seams right now. And this new outfit was a perfect addition. The quality is top notch, and the material is very very flexible and soft.

Wanna know what I love best about this line of activewear? The Run Faster sweatshirt has thumb holes. Let me repeat, THUMB HOLES. I take a lot of dance fitness classes and when we're doing the warm-up, I always wear a sweatshirt, because it's super important to warm your muscles before you jump into an intense work out. But anyway, I can't tell you how annoying it is when the sleeves get all bunched up when I'm moving. So, the thumb holes are exactly what I need. They make my workouts so much more comfortable.

Tell me, do you have a place that you love to shop for your activewear?? If you haven't checked out Boden's new collection, please run over there now! And I have something else for you! :-)

Use code: YOGA to get 15% off your purchase from now until November 9th!

Hop over there and get some more, awesome clothes to exercise in!

27 October 2014

October Stitch Fix!

Happy Monday y'all!! This is a super quick and dare I say, lazy, Stitch Fix post! ;-) This past weekend has been kinda busy! I've been trying to keep my normal gym schedule, working, re-finishing that dresser I was talking about the other day, church going, and spending time with family! Not to mention we are leaving for California in a few days so I'm trying to get last minute stuff ready for that!

So, needless to say, this Stitch Fix post will be lacking for good photos. But people asked me to share what I got, so this is the best I can do. Get ready for some lame in-the-mirror selfies.

If you need the details about Stitch Fix, here's the details:

First, go to stitchfix.com and you create your style profile. Also, create a Stitch Fix Style pinboard and link it to your profile so that your stylists can get a feel for your clothing tastes and preferences. Then schedule your fix!! The stylists will hand pick 5 items for you to try on. They send the clothing pieces directly to your house, you try them on and decide what to keep (if anything) and then you send back what you don't want. Super easy and convenient!
  • There's a $20 styling fee, which you can use toward your order. (that's awesome!!)
  • If you keep all 5 items you receive 25% off your order.
  • You choose your price range.
  • The more feedback you give on the pieces sent to you, the better they get over time. So be sure to be very specific to your stylists so that they can send you things you'll love.

I would say this Fix was 50/50. They focused on some warmer pieces this time, which I'm super thankful for. I really really loved a few of the items, but then there were a few pieces I was into at all. Which, is to be expected, but i'm just happy because the things I love, I REALLY love. So here we go....

Item # 1 - Barton Graphic Knit Drape Front Cardigan
A drapey caridgan?? Yes. You really can't go wrong with these most of the year here in the Pacific Northwest. I like the pattern, and the colors are pretty versatile. I'm about 85% sure I'm keeping this.

Item #2 - Ashlyn Heathered Knit Top Item 
Item #3 - Dean Ankle Zip Skinny Jean Item 
Let's start with the top. I think my face says it all. Nope, don't like it. It's super boxy and just isn't flattering at all. It feels like pajamas, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I'm not looking for pajamas right now. So. I'm going to be sending this back.

The black skinny jeans are nice and fit really well (yay!), but I actually have a pair that look basically just like this so I don't need them. They are going back as well.

Item #4 - Goodwin Cowl Neck Sweater
I absolutely love this sweater!! It's soooo soft and cozy and I really like the cowl neck on it. I also like that it's longer and I can wear it with leggings. There's also pockets, which you can't really see from these photos. But overall, this piece is my favorite from this box and completely makes up for the yucky red knit top. lol. THANK you to my stylist for this :-)

Item #5 - Sandra Abstract Print Infinity Scarf
I wish you could feel this scarf through the computer screen, because it's so soft!!! I kinda want to sleep in this. Okay I'm kidding, but I could definitely see myself snuggling up to this scarf, because it's so cozy. The only thing I'm a little unsure about, is the pattern. So I'm torn on this one.

So that's my October Stitch Fix!! What are you opinions?! 

23 October 2014

If we were friends in real life!

Ok first, I should say that I hate saying "if we were friends in real life." Because honestly, the friends I've made by way of blogging and social media -- they are as real as the ones that I see in person. So there's that.

But do you ever have those bloggers that you've been reading and following for years and think to yourself "Man, I bet we'd be bestie's if we knew each other in 'real life!'" I think that way all of the time. There are some people that I just click with and wish more than anything I could meet them. But there are also so many things about a blogger(s) that I don't know. And that I would probably only know if I spent a lot of time with them in person. So here are some things you would probably know about me if we were friends in real life.

// If we were friends in real life, you should know that I basically don't get out of my yoga pants unless I'm going "out on the town." The grocery store, the bank, the post office, school drop off, home depot... wherever. I feel it's perfectly acceptable to wear my yoga pants everywhere. So if we were friends in real life and were meeting for froyo, don't expect me to look cute. ;-)

// If we were friends in real life, you would know that I eat my pizza without cheese. Yes, sauce & toppings and that's it. Melted cheese makes me gag. I have tried for years to overcome it, but it's still a work in progress. Weird as it might be, it's something you would and should know if we were friends in real life.

// If we were friends in real life, you would know that my Husband and have lighthearted bickering sessions on the daily. It's totally normal. We don't love each other any less than any other couple, but over the years, we've gotten comfortable picking on each other in front of other people. So when you and your husband invite us out on a double date - don't say I didn't warn you.

// If we were friends in real life, you should know that my memory kind of sucks sometimes. It's not that I don't think what you've told me is important. Because trust me, I am listening to you when you talk to me. But between running my photography business, teaching my fitness class at the gym, running this blog, being a mommy, and all the other day-to-day stuff, my memory is shot. Am I making excuses? Perhaps. But it just comes with the territory. You will probably need to remind me about stuff. But as your friend, I want you to know, I appreciate your reminders and don't consider it nagging. ;-)

// If we were friends in real life you should know that while I'm extremely opinionated, I will always respect you and yours. In fact, I love diversity and embrace different perspectives. Just know that with this, comes the expectations that you will do the same for me. I am a firm believer that you don't have to agree with someone to love them and respect them fully.

// If we were friends in real life, you would know that I'm a drama-free kind of girl. I have plenty of drama on the day-to-day with my Two and Four Year Olds. Ain't got no time for drama amongst friends. I will walk away from drama every time, without looking back.

// If we were friends in real life, you would know that if you needed me, I will do everything humanly possible to be there for you. I will drop whatever I'm doing to help you if you call for help, and I won't hesitate to lend an ear, or a shoulder, if you need one. And chances are, I'll cry right along with you.

So. Those are some of the things you would and should know about me if we were 'friends in real life' :-)

Tell me, what are some things I should know about you??

21 October 2014

A Happy List

It's been a while since I've just sat down and written a blog post without any forethought or planning. I try to keep things on a schedule around here, it just makes it easier to keep track of things, ya know? Plus I'm kind of Type-A sometimes.

But I was sitting here on my laptop answering some e-mails, when a text message from my Husband popped up and said "Nothin' new on the blog for a while, what gives?" lol. I love that my Husband actually reads my blog, but he's kind of a drill Sargent sometimes. He's always ordering me around, telling me what I should be writing about and how I should be handling my blog. Okay I'm kidding -- he doesn't order me around. But he does take an interest in my blog, and for that, I'm grateful. 

Do your Husband's read your blog???

Back to what I was saying, I feel like blogging has become a little bit more calculated as of late. I miss the days that I just sat down on a whim, wrote was I was feeling, then hit publish without any hesitation. Even if it was just one or two sentences or something that is meaningful to me. Or something that really isn't that meaningful at all.

So with that said, I thought I would make a Happy List. And who knows, maybe I'll make a Happy List every week if I feel like it ;-)


1. I ordered the new iPhone 6! I actually wasn't planning on getting a new phone for a while, but recently, mine started having major issues with reception. So... my new phone should be here by the end of the month! 

2. DISNEYLAND! We are just over a week away from our trip to Southern California and I'm absolutely stoked!! The countdown is on. 9 Days....

3. Nail polish. It a small thing, but I've really been loving nail polish lately. Adding that little bit of color actually cheers me up! Ya know?

4. Amazon Prime. I'm legit obsessed with Amazon. I basically do all of my shopping online through them now, well, except groceries. But the 2-day shipping is amazing.

5. My clients. I don't talk about my photography business a very much here on my personal blog. I'll the first to admit that running a business can be stressful, but I just love the people that I meet and have the privilege of working with.

5. This sweater. I got it at H&M a few months ago and I've been waiting for it to get cold enough to wear it! I am really digging the black & white chunky stripes.