07 July 2015

July Stitch Fix

We  made it back to to Seattle after a super long day of driving. I'm tellin' ya, 13 hour in the car is a lot, like a lot a lot. But it's worth it to get to see Philip's side of the family! We all ha a really really fun time :-)

It is definitely nice to be home, though! And I came home to my July Stitch Fix, yay! And I'm happy to report that this fix was MUCH better than last months! I will be keeping several of these items!

If you're wondering about Stitch Fix, here is the low down:

First thing, go to stitchfix.com and you create your style profile. Also, be sure to create a Stitch Fix Style pinboard and link it to your profile so that your stylists can get a feel for your clothing tastes and preferences. Then schedule your fix!! The stylists will hand pick 5 items for you to try on. They send the clothing pieces directly to your house, you try them on and decide what to keep (if anything) and then you send back what you don't want. Super easy and convenient!
  • There's a $20 styling fee, which you can use toward your order. (that's awesome!!)
  • If you keep all 5 items you receive 25% off your order.
  • You choose your price range.
  • The more feedback you give on the pieces sent to you, the better they get over time. So be sure to be very specific to your stylists so that they can send you things you'll love.
Not that I haven't said this a million times, but I love Stitch Fix! They keep my closet interesting and I still get excited every time I see one of those cute Stitch Fix boxes show up on my doorstep! Alright, so let's move onto the good stuff!

Item # 1 - Jennings Embroidered Top
I really really like this top!! I've been trying to fill my closet with things that are a litte dressier, but not TOO dressy. And this fits the bill perfectly. I really like the way it fits, too. Goes great with these dark denim jeans I think :-) I'm KEEPING this.

Item #2 - Maeby Dress
Hmm. Nope. The pattern & colors are a little too loud and obnoxious for me right now. Don't like the style that much, either.

Item #3 - Jillian Crochet Detail Tank
SO comfortable, is all I really need to say about this I think. I mean, it is a little bit plain, but I really like the back of it and it is so versatile, that I'm probably going to KEEP this one :)

Item #4 - Macey Printed Maxi Skirt
At first glance, I wasn't in love with this skirt. But after I tried it on, I actually quite like it! I paired it with this tank on my stylists suggestion, and I really like these pieces together! This skirt gets a thumbs up from me. Although I'm going to sleep on it and decide in the morning if I for sure want to keep it.

Item #5 - Elle Woven Clutch
A friend of mine got this clutch and I loved it!! So I was super happy to see it show up in this month's fix!! It's a great size, can fit all of my cards & money, and also my phone. It's got a removable cross-body strap, which is a big bonus!! I'm keeping this!! Oh and plus, it goes with this outfit really well! :-)

What do you think of my July Stitch fix?? I'm pretty happy with everything they sent! The dress is the only thing that was a total miss for me. But, no harm done. I'm totally excited about the things I'm keeping this month!

04 July 2015

Happy Independence Day!!

Hello hello!! We're still on vacation and having a wonderful time! But we'll be making the longgggg drive home tomorrow, which I'm not looking forward at all. One, because it's a super long day to be sitting in the car, and two, because the kids are going to be so sad. I'm not looking forward to the tears that will surely come. :(

But today, we're heading over to my sister-in-law's house to celebrate America's Birthday! :-)

Just wanted to stop in and wish you a Happy 4th of July!! Hope everyone has a great day and stays safe!

02 July 2015

Boys Fashion - Stripes

Good afternoon everyone!! Hope you're all having a wonderful week! We're in Idaho visiting family, and so far we have had an absolute blast! The kids really love it out here and we'll probably have to drag them away kicking and screaming when it's time to come home. I'm definitely not looking forward to that :(.

But, we're enjoying ourselves and this super hot weather! Bennett has been sporting one of his new FabKids outfits lately! I love the stripes, and also the colors in this shirt/short combo.

Also, I'm eating up all of this yummy evening sparkly light, it just feels so magical :)

*This outfit was provided to me for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own.

Let's talk about FabKids for a minute!

FabKids is JustFab's newest fashion club, started by a team of parents, including mom and actress, Christina Applegate. FabKids makes it super easy & convenient for parents to shop because you get monthly selections of affordable, high-quality fashions that are personalized just for your kids.
You can order through their website at anytime with a regular membership, but the awesome VIP Memberships include tons of perks! Such as:
  • First outfit is $15 plus free shipping!
  • Save up to 50% off retail prices
  • Skip any month you want
  • Exclusive VIP pricing
  • Earn FabKids rewards points
  • Cancel anytime!
So now all you need to do is head over to the FabKids website and take a style profile quiz about your kiddo, so that they can get to know your child. And then based on those results, FabKids will give you outfit suggestions. You can buy an outfit, or not. Or just shop around the site. But I dare you not to buy something! 

30 June 2015

A Typical Summer Day For Us!

With Summer in full swing, our schedule has changed quite a bit. No more school schedule to follow for Bennett, and Easton's gymnastics class has come to a close. We literally have nothing regular on our every day calendar. Well, I lied. I'm teaching Rizzmic Tuesday's & Thursday's at the gym. But nothing as far as the kids go! I actually quite like it because it opens up our days and weeks to do pretty much whatever we want. I'm easy breezy like that. ;-)

So as far as Summer goes, here is what an average day might look like for us:

Rise & Shine is usually around 6-6:30. It seems like one or both of the kids get up early. If it's before seven o'clock, I send them back to their rooms with their iPods (don't judge me!) and they are allowed to watch a cartoon or play one of their games until 7:30am. I quite like this time in the morning, it gives me a chance to wake up a little more before we go downstairs and start the day.

Next is breakfast! Bennett often requests oatmeal or eggs. And Easton will usually eat a bagel & cream cheese or a yogurt with grape-nuts. Lately since it's been so warm out, I've been letting the boys eat breakfast outside on the porch, and who says I can't join them?
Here is a typical breakfast for me...

I especially love eating yogurt on the days I teach at the gym. It's absolutely essential for me to eat something before class, something that will fill me up and give me energy. But it also can't be too much food, otherwise I feel heavy and bloated. I have found that yogurt is perfect!! Yoplait has reinvented their yogurt, and I present to you Plenti! It's more delicious, and definitely more substantial. I absolutely love greek yogurt, so this was right up my alley. And it tastes delicious!

Plenti comes in a variety of flavors such as Black Cherry, Blueberry, Coconut, Peach, Raspberry, Sliced Apple, Strawberry, and Vanilla. I very much prefer strawberry or vanilla, with a side of fruit. Hop over and learn more about how Yoplait Plenti is stepping it up! And of course, lots of water to start the day off with.

Then we're off to the gym! I drop the kids in the daycare to play with their friends there, and I go and teach my class. And even on the days I'm not teaching, I still go and attend other fitness classes or use the equipment.

This is my Wednesday morning class, they pretty much rock!! Love them so much.

After class these days, I take a quick shower and then the kids and I hit up a park. Or just play in the backyard. Flip on the sprinkler, fill up the pool, have water fights... whatever sounds good!

We can usually spend hours out back. And generally, we'll have dinner outside, too! Sometimes I'll make something at home, other times I'll get takeout. Because, I think by now we all know that I don't really like to cook. Especially in the Summers when it's hot. But I do foresee a lot of BBQing going on in the next few months!

We've also been taking a lot of little trips out to the coast, and we are currently in Idaho, which I will hopefully get a chance to write about later! But this is what our typical day looks like!

What about you?! What are your Summer plans? And what do you and your family like to do on warm Summer days?