25 November 2015

Cozy Up With NBC - Anywhere, Anytime!


It is getting so cold here in the Pacific Northwest! I'll admit, I don't mind the cold, because I do love warm snuggle sweaters. But the rain?? Don't like it. Yes, I was born & raised in the Seattle area, but I will never get used to the rainy days. Nope.

The only upside to the cold, rainy weather, is that it gives me a good excuse to flip on the fire place, curl up with a cozy blanket and watch some of my favorite NBC shows. Yes, shows, plural! There are so many amazing shows to be watched these days. And if I'm being honest, I get a bit twitchy when I miss a show. Let's not talk about when my power went out last week, and the first thing I freak about was how my DVR wasn't going to record Chicago Fire!

And also, watching TV on the TV isn't always convenient. I can't tell you how many loads of laundry are sitting in piles in my bedroom, waiting to be folded. I generally try and wait until the kids go to bed before folding laundry, otherwise, they will blow through my sorted piles like little tornados and all of my folding and hard work is destroyed. But laundry is so tedious, not to mention time consuming. Did I mention that we don't have a TV in our bedroom? And no way am I going to cart 7 loads of laundry down the stairs. So I can't even watch a show while I'm folding endless amounts of clothes. Or can I???

NBC TVEverywhere allows me that luxury! Woot woot! Now I can be productive while being entertained. I just pop it on my laptop and BOOM, full episodes, for free!

Can we talk about Chicago Fire a little more? Have you seen it!? I've been watching since the very beginning, and it's amazing. I'll admit, that I may or may not have originally started tuning in because the two main characters, Casey & Severide, are kinda hot. But as I started watching, I got completely sucked in to the storylines. The characters in firehouse 51 are so lovable, you find yourself feeling like you're best friends with them. Although, I have a bone to pick with NBC when they wrote off Peter Mills' character. That was a sad, sad day. ;-)

Needless to say, if you like a suspenseful, action-packed drama, mingled with some hot actors and really good love stories -- you need to start watching Chicago Fire!

I've also picked up Chicago Med as well. It kinda goes hand-in-hand with Chicago Fire, since the actors cross over from time to time. Same with Chicago PD, which by the way, I need to start as well!! I will have a ton of shows to watch this Fall & Winter. I'm pretty stoked.

Oh my gosh, I just realized I could talk about TV all day. But when it's good TV, it's one of the best forms of entertainment in the world. Another NBC show I'm obsessed with?? The Blacklist. It's fast paced, witty, mysterious and charming! The actor who plays Raymond Reddington (James Spader) is brilliant in his role on The Blacklist. And I love me some Liz + Tom. I don't want to spoil anything in case you haven't seen the show, but their relationship has a lot of twists and turns, and I'm a bit obsessed with them. And I'm rooting for them!

I gotta cut this off somewhere or I will go on and on and on. ;-) But the point is, now you can watch shows like The Blacklist, The Voice, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago PD, and Heroes Reborn anywhere!! No TV? No problem. Grab your laptop, mobile device, tablet and hop onto NBC TVE to watch!

19 November 2015

It's Beginning To Look (And Smell) A lot Like Christmas!

I usually wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate, but this year, I just couldn't wait! My 5 Year Old has been requesting to put up his little Christmas tree in his bedroom, and watch The Polar Express since Halloween!! I managed to hold off for a little while, but I caved and started decorating super early. Whoops.

But hey, in my opinion, it's never too early to start bringing the Christmas spirit into our homes! I get it, though, some may not want to break out decorations as early as me, but there are other ways to invite the coziness of the season into our homes! For me, wintery, Christmas-y scents is a HUGE one. Smells like gingerbread, cinnamon, freshly baked bread & cookies, and fir trees! But one scent in particular, is my favorite. And I think you'll agree. You know the smell when you bring a freshly cut Christmas tree into your house? That right there is what instantly make my home just ooze the spirit of the Holiday.

This year, however, we're actually not sure we will be getting a tree. We're most likely going out of town for the Holiday's and will be gone for quite a while. So we're trying to decide if it will be worth it to get a tree anyway, I hate to think of it sitting around our house for weeks, just dying :-(

So even though I may be lacking the fresh tree smell, luckily, Thymes can help me out with their Frasier Fir collection! This scent is amazing. The culmination of Siberian fir needles, Cedarwood, and Sandalwood together -- it's like you're taking a walk through a vast Pacific Northwest forest!

This collection has SO much great stuff! Here's what you see in this picture, all in the Frasier Fir fragrance:
  • All purpose cleaner
  • Ceramic pillar candle
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Gold reed diffuser 
  • Pine needle candle
  • Thyme frangrance mist
  • Sink set (handsoap & lotion)
I spread all of these out throughout the house so that everywhere I walked, I could breath in the lovely Thymes Frasier Fir scent. 

Thymes fragrances are all crafted in their on-site fragrance studio and are created with thoughtfulness and the utmost of care. Which is why Thymes is committed to using natural, high quality, plant-based ingredients in all of their products, whenever possible.

And here's a deal for you! Thymes is offering a free Thymes Sample Set (which includes 14 fragrances!) with any purchase of $25 or more! That is a SWEET deal! Especially with the holiday's coming up, these products would make fabulous gifts for anyone!

Hop over to the Thymes website and check out the many products, fragrances, gift sets, and collections!

And before you go, tell me, what scents get you in the spirit of the season?

13 November 2015

Preserving Memories With WD My Cloud!

It's true that I take a LOT of photos, like, an excessive amount. And not just personal photos, I also take pictures professionally. And you know what, I actually catch flack for taking so many pictures. Which I actually find quite odd, because as far as possessions, there is almost nothing more important than pictures, in my humble opinion. They are the thing that carries on, the thing that we pass down from generation to generation. Seeing photos of old relatives and friends are how we make connections with people we may not have had the chance to meet, as well as remind ourselves of memories we may have let slip to the wayside. Our pictures, even personal documents and files are so so important.

In this age of electronics, as amazing as it is, we need to have a reliable way to back-up and preserve all of our photos & information! And I'm tellin' ya, I need something pretty fierce to be able to handle all of the thousands upon thousands of images I have. ;)

So that's where the WD My Cloud comes in.

What exactly is My Cloud Storage, you ask? 

Well, it's a personal cloud storage that allows you to keep all of your content in one place, that you can access from anywhere. I'm talking about your computer (Mac or PC), your mobile phone, or tablet! And don't worry, your files and photos will be completely safe because your content is saved on your own personal home network.

Some features & info
  • Intuitive and easy to use, designed to help you quickly access and organize your digital life.
  • WD sync desktop app. This feature allows your to sync your content across all of your devices!
  • Automatic backup for both PC and Mac users.
  • Photo & video backup for smartphones and tablets. Grab the My Cloud mobile app and backup those pictures and memories to your cloud storage right as you take them!
  • Shared folders, making it easy to give your family & friends access to selected files!
  • 2 year limited warranty.
Setting it all up

You will be provided with a Quick Installation Guide, which will walk you through everything. But the setup is super simple and won't take you more than 10-15 minutes!
  • First, you'll need to power everything up! So plug in the WD My Cloud, and then connect it to your router.  
  • Visit their website and download the software. Easy peasy.
  • Next, follow WD's easy setup wizard. 
  • Get the Mobile App! This will allow you to sync your phone to My Cloud, making it easy to save and access all of your photos and videos right away!

Okay so once your set up, the next thing you need to do is start saving your stuff! We backed up our iPhoto libraries, iTunes music, and of course, all of my gajillions of photography sessions I've done throughout the years. Oh! And I was absolutely sure to backup all of my blog files and folders!

You can easily add users, share files, and connect more devices at any time! I can't tell you how much of a relief it is to have a secure place to store all of my important work files and personal memories!

The WD My Cloud is available in 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, and 6TB capacities. And ranges from $149-$319.

ALSO, I recommend checking out the My Cloud Mirror as well, which comes in 4TB, 6TB, and 8TB capacities. Ranges from $309-409.99.

We had a smaller external hard drive we were using previously, but it was almost full and I was starting to panic. So the 3TB WD My Cloud is exactly what I needed! Be sure to check out the website and learn more about how this device can help clean up your digital mess!

Where and/how do you store your digital content? 

11 November 2015

November Stitch Fix Full of Fall Cozies!! xoxo

It's here! My November Stitch Fix! And first, let me just apologize for not posting my past few fixes. Truth is, I got a bit lazy. But I have been getting some good stuff, and have kept several things the last few months. But this month's fix?? I HAD to share it because I am literally contemplating keeping everything in it.

There is a reason that I keep requesting Nicole as my stylist, she totally hits it out of the park every time. It's like we're friends and she knows me and my style so well - I like our relationship. ;-)

So this fix was FILLED with all kinds of fluff & cozy things, which is just perfect for this time of year here in Washington. It's getting super cold around here, so bring on the warm sweaters. 

If you don't already know about Stitch Fix, here's the scoop:

First thing, go to stitchfix.com and you create your style profile. Also, be sure to create a Stitch Fix Style pinboard and link it to your profile so that your stylists can get a feel for your clothing tastes and preferences. Then schedule your fix!! The stylists will hand pick 5 items for you to try on. They send the clothing pieces directly to your house, you try them on and decide what to keep (if anything) and then you send back what you don't want. Super easy and convenient!
  • There's a $20 styling fee, which you can use toward your order. (that's awesome!!)
  • If you keep all 5 items you receive 25% off your order.
  • You choose your price range.
  • The more feedback you give on the pieces sent to you, the better they get over time. So be sure to be very specific to your stylists so that they can send you things you'll love.
Not that I haven't said this a million times, but I love Stitch Fix! They keep my closet interesting and I still get excited every time I see one of those cute Stitch Fix boxes show up on my doorstep!

Okay onto this months fix --

Item #1 - Jolee Turtle Neck Sweater
First of all, I should say that this sweater is a little bit large on me. I think a size smaller probably would have been more fitting. BUT, I think I'm going to keep this and just call it an "oversized sweater." I don't have any sweaters this color, and I absolutely love the turtle neck! It's sure to keep my warm this winter.

Item #2 - Jimmy Skinny Jean
Item #3 - Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse

Okay first the jeans, they fit perfectly! And the color is great. If I'm being truthful, I really actually don't need any more pairs of jeans, because I just recently bought a few pairs. But they fit so well, I'm still on the fence about them. I'll give it another day to think it over.

Next, the green blouse. I'm not really a foresty green kinda girl, but once I put this on, I instantly loved it. The cut is very flattering and the color is festive for the season. I think I'm keeping it.

Item #4 - Alpine Plaid Wrap Scarf
HELLO, this scarf is awesome. And goes perfectly with this green blouse! I have never had a huge wrap scarf before, mostly because I never know what to do with all of that material. But I mean, I think I can take the time to figure it out. ;-)

Item #5 - Sal Checkered Open Cardigan
UM, is this even a question?? No.
Again, I think I could have gone down a size (I'd better change my sizing in my profile), but with sweaters, you can get away with them being on the bigger side. Talk about cozy!!! This is just perfection, if you ask me. No brainer, done, it's mine.

So tell me, what did you think of my November Stitch Fix?? I'm pretty excited about it, but please give me your opinions, because I need to make my decisions soon!! :)

Have you tried Stitch Fix before? If you haven't and want to see what it's about, sign up here!