11 July 2014

Leavin' to the boons, be back soon!

Most of my Husband's side of the family lives in Southeast Idaho, and it's really important to us that our boys get to know them, even though they live 800 miles away. We make sure to make a trip down there at least once a year, usually in the Summer. Last year, we made the 14 hour trek down there over the 4th of July and had an absolute blast!! The boys got met every single one of their cousins... all 15 of them. I'm so happy I married into a big family!

Back on topic, this year, we are heading down there again. Bennett is already there, actually. He went down with his Aunt & cousins last Sunday so he could get an extra week with this Grandma and Grandpa.

My sister-in-law sent this picture to me the other day! I showed it to Easton and he said:

(in easton language) "Whoa!! Beddett es widing a dockey!!! Mama, were es brudder?" 

We're missing Bennett pretty badly. Can't wait to see him!

So my Husband has been training for the Seattle-to-Portland bike race for months now, and it just so happens it's this weekend, so him and some buddies will be cycling 200 miles down to Portland on Saturday! Then me and Easton will meet up with them, spend the night in Portland and then drive to Idaho on Sunday. It will be a super long car ride (~10 hours, not including stops), hope Easton does well!! He did fabulous last year, so I'm guessing it'll go great. The iPad will likely be our saving grace.

So with all of that said... things will be a little quiet around here for the next 10 days! I am taking my laptop with me, so will try to post here and there throughout the trip, but no promises ;-) I do have some fun guest posts lined up, though, so be on the lookout for those!

If you wanna follow along with our shenanigans while we're in Idaho -- be sure to find me on Instagram!

10 July 2014

Slow & Steady

As most of you know, I joined the gym about 6 months ago and started on the hashtag on Instagram: #mandygetsfit. It was sort of just to document my journey as I was trying to get healthier. Because as I've said in the past, my goal wasn't necessarily to lose a bunch of weight. It was mainly to get stronger, healthier, and tone up a little. I was actually kind of hoping to just shift the weight from fat to muscle. I mean, obviously, if I lost weight, that would be a bonus.

With the exception of a few weeks, I've been working out 4-5 days a week, burning 600-800 calories each time, and I have noticed that I've toned up a little. But because for the first 4 months of this journey, I didn't really change my diet at all, my weight stayed about the same. But I really wasn't too concerned, though, since that really wasn't a priority.

But about 7 weeks ago, I decided to start working on my eating habits a little more seriously. I cut back on junk food, desserts, and soda. I should probably emphasize that I cut back on these things, I did not cut out these things. The main reason being, that I just cannot handle drastic changes all at once. I have to slowly change not only the way I eat, but the way I think about food. It's really kind of annoying actually, but it's the only thing that works for me.

Anyway, I hardly ever step on the scale, for 2 reasons. One, because I don't want to be disappointed if the numbers aren't budging. And two, I don't want to dwell on it. I'd rather just focus on doing my best without obsessing on numbers.

But the other day, I decided to try on a pair of pants that had been tight on me for about a year now. And to my surprise, they buttoned up easily!! I was not expecting that at all. So in that moment, I got curious. Did I lose weight? Or did I just lose inches?

I stepped on the scale to find that I was down about 9lbs from the weight I was at when I first started this little fitness journey. I think that's pretty awesome. And the best part, was that I honestly didn't even have to try that hard because I was letting it happen gradually and didn't push myself too hard.

(before & after, a 6 month difference)

The left photo was taken in January. The one on the right was taken yesterday.

To some, 9lbs in 6 months is hardly even progress. But for me, it's a big deal. I think it will be much easier for me to maintain the weight loss if it happens slowly and more steadily. No fad diets or crazy strict eating plans. I just took baby steps and did only what I felt I could handle at the time. And I still allow myself to indulge and enjoy the foods I love.

The weight is coming off slowly and my body is slimming down a little bit at a time. And at the rate I'm going, it could be years before I'm at the place I want to be at. But something I've learned throughout this journey, is that not everything has to be a race. It's okay to do things at your own pace and as long as your putting in the effort (however small), you will see results.

09 July 2014

$130 Paypal Cash up for grabs!

Holy Moly you guys, I've been a busy little bee the past couple of weeks and have a lot to share, just not enough time in the day. I can't wait to get the chance to sit down and update y'all but I've been busy packing for our upcoming super long road trip this weekend (more on that tomorrow or Friday!).

I promise a real update soon. But, In the meantime, I'm popping in to drop off this little chance to win $130 in paypal cash! To me, that's the ultimate prize. Who wouldn't just want some extra cash?

Here are the lovely ladies who've helped make this possible!

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08 July 2014

Gone mobile.

For the longest time, I've worked on my desktop iMac computer that's upstairs in my office. Which, don't get me wrong, I love my computer up there. But, and that's a big but, it has been so hard to get anything done during the days. My Husband works your regular 8-5 (plus commute it's more like 7am-6pm) job, so when I'm home with the kids throughout the days, I'm pretty much JUST with the kids. No work gets done. Which leaves me only the evenings and weekends to work. And honestly, I don't like that because it takes away from family time, you know?

I've been debating getting a laptop computer for quite a while. But I've always hesitated because 1) they're expensive, 2) I worry the kids will destroy it and 3) I love my 27" iMac and couldn't imagine using anything else.

But with the amount of things I have on my plate, I was literally driving myself crazy trying to be productive during the days and frankly, I was getting a little stressed out.

Add that to the fact that it's Summer now so Bennett is out of school, plus Easton has recently decided to give us his nap -- there was really no better time to get a laptop than now.

I debated between the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro for weeks, but since I constantly have large programs like Photoshop running, I finally decided on the 13" 8BG MacBook Pro. Should give me enough space and power to do everything I need it to -- for a long time.

I've only had it for 5 days and already my life is so much easier. I don't know how in the world I survived being a work-at-home-mom without it.

What kinds of things make your home or work life easier?!